Tools for coaching style managers

Toolful Coach has the opportunity to regulary advise readers of ICN – International Coaching News with tools that relate to the topic of the given issue. We have started our series of publications with the current, 2nd issue about tools for coaching style managers.

The full article may be read on pg 64. of ICN Issue 2, be downloaded in pdf from Toolful Coach’s site and be read as text down here:

Toolful Coach column vol. 1. – tools that coaching style managers can use with their own teams

There are many ways managers can lead their teams. Might be autocratic, democratic, laissez-faire and more – we all know these styles. But given this is a magazine on coaching, what else could be a topic than coaching style managers, right? Someone combining coaching techniques with leadership skills may get far with his team, probably further than any of the above types. On their ways, though, coaching style managers may face several difficulties: how to handle different personalities in their teams, how to find their inner motivations, how to support individual creativity, just to mention a few.

 Toolful Coach is here to introduce some useful tools that coaching style managers can use with their own teams.


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