Professional Certified Coach by ICF

awarded in May 2020

The International Coach Federation is the biggest, worldwide professional organization of coaches.

I have the pleasure to be a member of it and as such to put myself on their quality test.

As a result of it, I have been credentialed first as Associate Certified Coach – ACC in 2013 and Professional Certified Coach – PCC in 2020!

The ICF offers the only globally recognized, independent credentialing program which has existed for more than a decade. More than 9,000 coaches currently hold one of three offered ICF Credentials. Any coach that is serious about building or maintaining a coaching business and care for being part of a well-respected, self-regulating profession, isinterested in gaining an ICF Credential. The mission of the ICF Credentialing program is to:

  • Protect and serve consumers of coaching services;
  • Measure and certify competence of individuals; and
  • Inspire pursuit of continuous development.

Benefits of an ICF Credential:

  • Enhances the coach’s credibility and reassures potential clients that the coach is an experienced and professional coach.
  • Demonstrates that the coach has high professional standards.
  • Demonstrates that the coach stands by a strong code of ethics.
  • Demonstrates a high knowledge and skill level.
  • Demonstrates that the coach takes on-going professional development seriously.
  • Develops the coach as a professional coach to further enhance her skills.
  • Brings personal satisfaction  in achieving a career goal
  • Reinforces the integrity of the coaching profession internationally.
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