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Welcome to my home page which is devoted to coaching – I share my thoughts on aspects of personal development. As an honor to my work done in 2012, ICF Hungary has awarded me

‘The Coach of The Year’

title that I’m really grateful for. A secret voting of professionals selected my anonimous case study as the most valuable in what coaching as a profession means. Thanks for the coaching community and most of all to my clients!

My latest project builds under a new website: please check for inspiration about my solution focused approach. All my publications are linked from their original sources, professional portals for HR people, coaches, psychologists where I was invited to elaborate on the given topics.

As for myself: I am originally an economist, worked many years in banking mainly in product management but also responsible for business strategy. My leadership experience is sourced from multinational companies, different cultures, several issues to resolve. I am known as someone who quickly oversees complex situations, easily comes up with alternate solutions and never gives up finding the best fit. More on that under my LinkedIn profile: Bánhidi Brigitta

Becoming a mother 8 years ago also thought me tough lessons on patience and empathy thus started learning coaching which soon became a passion and a profession. With over 400 hrs of study and 1000 hrs of coaching practice I have a big bunch of grateful clients and their all-positive feedback urges me to put more and more effort into being a professional coach. Should you want to contact me, please use coaching(at)

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